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Since Schemer launched we’ve been thrilled to see so many schemes marked as ‘Done’, but we know you have more in you! To help you out, Schemer will now scour the plethora of deals on Google Offers and intelligently find ones that match activities you’ve been meaning to do.

We have been pilot-testing this Google Offers integration for the past few weeks and have received wonderful feedback from our users (thanks!). We’re now excited to open it up to more users.

Maybe you’ve always wanted to ‘Go Skydiving’? You might receive an email with a killer deal on a tandem jump from a skydiving company in your area, in which case the time is ripe to jump out of that perfectly good airplane!

Maybe you’ve been meaning to check out what the deal is with that mysterious mansion down the street. Schemer will help you quell that curiosity at the most opportune (and money saving!) time with a brief email:

You can also buy Google Offers directly from a scheme’s detail page if you happen to come across one while searching for things to do:

Worried about getting too much email? Have no fear—Schemer will only send you information about great deals for schemes you’ve specifically said you want to do. Also, you can always opt-out of the offer notifications under your Settings.

You can start receiving offers hand-picked for you by simply adding more schemes. Search for some of your favorite categories, select a few that you’ve always been meaning to do, and indicate ‘I want to do it’. Let Schemer and Google Offers do all the rest.

Intrigued and not on Schemer yet? Join now at

We hope that these offers add that little bit of extra motivation you might need to get out there and start marking your schemes ‘Done’.

As always, Happy Scheming!

Posted by Huy Nguyen, Schemer Front-end Engineer