Just in time for the holidays, we’ve made a number of improvements to Google Product Search that make it easier for you to find the products you want and feel confident in your purchases.

‘Best match’ for specific products

Sometimes you may visit Google Product Search with a specific product in mind. With our new ‘Best match” feature, we highlight the product we think you’re looking for even faster. When you search PowerShot SD1400, for example, you’ll see a ‘Best match’ product at the top of the page.

‘Popular products’ appearing for more searches

Let’s say you’re in the market for a netbook this year, but you’re just starting your research. When you search for a general term like ‘netbook,’ you’ll see a list of products ranked in order of popularity, which can help you quickly focus your search on a few models. We’ll also give suggestions on how you can refine your search, in this case by brand and operating system. Over the past few months, we’ve added popularity ranking to more search results pages, like wireless routers, heart rate monitors, vacuum cleanerstoddler car seats, and many more.

More rich information to help you with your research

When you click on a product that catches your eye, you’ll be taken to a product page containing product spec, reviews, prices, and local availability. We’ve updated the ‘Product Features’ section of the product page (ex: Samsung Chromebook) to help you interpret detailed product specs. You’ll also see a product info bar at the top of the page that contains basic information about the product you’re viewing and remains in place as you scroll down the page.

Additionally, the product page now also displays the date that the product first appeared on Google Product Search, so it’s easy to tell if you’re viewing a newer or older product model. Of course, our pages still let you read reviews, compare prices, and find items in stock nearby.

Improving the apparel shopping experience

Back in September, we introduced the first of our efforts to improve the apparel shopping experience on Google Product Search, incorporating the most popular features from Boutiques.com. We’ve now expanded this experience to include shoes (ex: platform pumps), displaying larger product images and giving you more ways to refine your search by brand, color, style, and other criteria.

As with dresses, when you click on a particular shoe, the product page displays visually similar styles giving you more products to browse and consider as you shop.

Browse for gift ideas on the new curated Mobile Product Search homepage

This holiday season, many of us will be using our smartphones to research products when we’re out and about. With the mobile version of Google Product Search, you can get instant access to detailed product information, reviews, and prices wherever you are.

If you find yourself with some extra time on your hands in line at the mall or simply need more gift ideas, get inspired by browsing the new curated homepage for Mobile Product Search. To access the page, open the Google Search app and select the ‘Shopping’ tab. We update this page regularly, so check back frequently for seasonal gift ideas, fashion trends, and more.